Sunday, March 7, 2010

Friday Fun!

I woke up and spent Friday morning with all of my favorite kiddos. It was Bike Rodeo at the girls' elementary school...we did it at my school growing up, so it definitely took me down memory lane! Lainey's grade came out first. They watch a bike safety video, and then the policemen are outside on the bike course to remind the kids about safe bike riding. Here is Lainey:And here are Havana and David, being silly and waiting to see their sisters ride bikes. They did get to ride bikes and scooters in between the grades. They were wishing they were big school kids...
Here is Holli, chilling and enjoying things from her stroller...or is she enjoying things?! not sure...
Once the first graders headed out, Ruth grabbed Aimee's bike, and took it for a ride...the policemen got more of a kick out of it than Ruth and I did, I think.
Go, Ruth!
Here is Aimee, ready to ride at Bike Rodeo with all of her school friends and classmates.
After a day at Bike Rodeo, and some work on wedding invitations, I picked Brian up at work and we headed downtown for engagement photos. Besides all the traffic that we got in, we had tons of fun taking engagement photos. As we were all around the city, I got so excited! I miss Boston, but I realized there was lots to do, experience, and enjoy in will just be more work since I am not living right in the city. I don't know why I love my big cities, but I do, I love all the exploring and meandering, I love their individual cultures and appeal. We wandered around Rice Village. We decided to have dinner at Shiva, a really yummy Indian restaurant!

Here is Brian, with his dinner sampler plate-we each got one of the sampler plates, which means we got to have several dishes and sides. I love Indian food, and Brian, he loved it...he kept saying, "This is so good," "This is really good," "Oh man...I love this food, it is so good." Do you think he enjoyed it? I think so ;) I have now decided that it is my quest to learn to cook for Brian so that he says the same thing of my meals, "This is so good," "Oh wow, this is really good," over and over. I think it may be a lifelong quest, seeing that Brian is a better cook than me, and more of a food snob than me ;) But I will take the challenge!
After a delicious dinner of Indian food, we wandered around Rice Village, a very fun area of town, right around Rice University. There are lots of restaurants and shops. Here I am with the wart hog...he is supposed to be a replica of one in a plaza in Florence...did I miss the real thing back in 2002 when I visited Florence with my parents and little brother, Alex?! Bummer.
And Alex, here is for you...remember those red bikes all over Salt Lake City, and how we mounted one, the both of us, while Mom tried to snap a picture...well, they make them better in Houston...they are bigger, of course, and they have flat seats for you to sit on...this one was a tandem with 2 seats. Here I go for my ride!
And here is Brian getting a little carried away on his bike ride...
We had a fun night, and opted not to do any wedding plans...we had a real date night, just the two of us, and left wedding plans far behind in our memories. We really do deserve nights like that more often...I guess maybe we will get more of those after the wedding, once we are married and not planning a wedding!
Only 5 weeks until the wedding!


Jan said...

That's a big bike...the red ones in salt lake were a bit more aerodynamic if I am right.

Nicole, Cody, Pres & Zaky said...

Kris! Yay, for date nights! We love seeing all of your fun things your doing and the girls are darling. We can't wait to see you and can't wait to meet B.

kvhawker said...

Your darling Brian shared your blog with us, we are friends of his from his mission in Okinawa. You are delightful and we wish both of you the very best! We are excited that the wedding is so close. We are sure that you are a great cook since we saw many pictures of wonderful food the first time we looked at your blog! We hope the job is going well too. Love, Hawker's

Hilary said...

Your bike rodeo pictures totally make me miss Deerwood. I love that place!

itsahalesofalife said...

CONGRATS on the wedding!! I need to get your address so we can send you a wedding gift!! Hope all is well. Also, if you could email me your moms too, Kathy needs addresses for Brett's wedding invites. My emial is
Luv ya

Dan and Dee said...

Have you started a Kristina Brown or Brian and Kristina blog yet? :( am I invited? How are you guys?


Still wishing my Mom was closer with all of the wedding preparation...